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Welcome to Delicate Dental, the home of affordable, quality, family dental care delivered by the Dentist with a Delicate touch, Dr. Rudolf Uvadyev. Our team is committed to providing our patients with an exceptional experience at every encounter. From check-in to check-out, Delicate Dental will exceed your expectations with easy online booking, painless dental procedures, and the beautiful healthy smile you deserve.
Don’t let dental anxiety stop you from a healthy smile. If you get anxious seeing the dentist, we can help!
Dental anxiety affects 50 to 80% of Americans and is amongst the top reasons for not seeking dental care. Failure to seek dental care results in extensive treatment, pain, and completely preventable conditions. Delicate Dental is here to help! Regardless of how long you haven’t seen the dentist, we are a judge-free zone. Our priority is your comfort while we restore your smile to health. In an effort to reduce dental anxiety, we offer nitrous gas as well as medication that help to make you comfortable during your treatment.

Don’t let dental anxiety stop you from a healthy smile. If you get anxious seeing the dentist, we can help!

Meet Dr. Rudy

Dr. Rudy Uvadyev earned his bachelors degree in biology from Long Island University and then went on to pursue his dental dream
at midwestwern university in Chicago, IL. He then returned to his hometown, Phoenix, AZ, where he took a position as an associate dentist for several years before bringing his dream to life. Delicate dental is Dr. Rudys baby, a goal that has taken over a decade to achieve

Certified Dentist

Dr. Rudolf Uvadyev and his team have many years of exprience treating all kinds of common dental issues.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use all the latest in Dental technology to ensure a quick and delicate procedure every time.

Many Insurances Accepted

We accept many kinds of insurance with new providers being added all the time.

I always dreaded going to the dentist and put if off for many years. When I was experiencing severe toothaches from rotting teeth, I found Delicate Dental, and I'm so glad I did! They calmed me down, explained everything to me, and they were so gentle with me that my dental procedure was over before I knew it! I was relieved and pain free! Thank you Delicate Dental!

Rhonda Lopez

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Don't delay getting the dental care you need because of fear and anxiety. We treat every patient with kindness and care to ensure you have a positive dental experience.